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Sekonic C-500 R Prodigi Color

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Sekonic C-500 R Prodigi Color

Sekonic C-500 R Prodigi Color

- Profesionálny colormeter dodávaný vrátane puzdra
- Viac informácií o produkte na www.sekonic.com

Color Meter Sekonic C-500 R Prodigi Color

1. Digital and Film Compatible
The Prodigi Color C-500 R can measure and display the color temperature and compensation values (LB/CC index of filter numbers) by simply selecting digital or film sensitive mode. In Digital mode the Prodigi Color matches the color characteristic of digital camera sensors (Visual Color Temperature). In Film mode it matches the color characteristics of traditional film (Photographic Color Temperature). Offering specific digital or film color characteristic in one color meter enables today's photographers to gain greater control and color reproduction accurate than ever before. Yesterday's color meters were great for traditional film capture but can not provide the correct color compensation values necessary for today's digital capture.

The Prodigi Color C-500 R incorporates four-color sensors, a Red sensor for digital response (Rd), a Red sensor for film response (Rf), a Green sensor (G) and a Blue sensor (B). By using a simulated spectrum (patent pending), Sekonic has created a selectable Digital or Film mode in the Prodigi Color.

Wireless Radio Triggering Mode
The Prodigi Color C-500R is the first color meter to include a built-in radio transmitter module. Color temperature measurements of electronic flash units can be made by triggering the flash wirelessly from up to 100 feet away. The built-in transmitter is compatible with PocketWizard radio triggering systems.

Dimensions: 62 x 159 x 28 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 190 g (without batteries)

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