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Sony VCT-SP1BP kamerový stabilizátor

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759,00 €
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632,50 €
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Sony VCT-SP1BP kamerový stabilizátor
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Sony VCT-SP1BP kamerový stabilizátor

- Multifunkčný kamerový stabilizátor obsahuje vestu, monopod a ovládanie kamery Lanc - Statívový kit VCT-SP1BP je kompatibilný s batohom Sony VCT-BP1BP.

Obsah dodávky:
- kameramanská vesta
- kvalitný monopod s fluidnou hlavou
- diaľkové ovládanie s konektorom LANC Sony RM-1BP

Enjoy total mobility during your next shoot with the VCT-SP1BP multi-purpose camcorder support system. Ideal for steady, hands-free recording, this system includes a lightweight monopod with a telescopic shaft constructed of carbon fibre composite material and a vest-type support harness. The VCT-SP1BP distributes the weight of the camcorder to both the shoulder and hip, reducing the load weight on the hand/arm and allowing comfortable 'hand-held' shooting for longer.

The VCT-SP1BP features an oil fluid head and counter balance adjustment for smooth tilt action as well as a quick release mechanism. Additionally, this shooting support system includes the RM-1BP LANC camera remote control unit, which can be mounted to the shaft of the monopod for ease of operation in high angle shooting situations.

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